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How the Skylite will help ease your anxiety

If you're like me and sometimes you just can't switch your brain off at night. You need this in your life. The Skylite projects a starry night with moving clouds and stars on to your ceiling to create a truly relaxing experience. This is seriously a game changer.

Before I got the Skylite, I used to watch ASMR videos on YouTube to help me fall a

sleep as this was the only way I could ease my anxiety. I recieved this as a Christmas gift and I haven't looked back since. Skylite uses precision glass optics and holographic technologies to create a relaxing visual experience.

The Skylite will transform any room in your house into a starry night. There are four settings to choose from, moving clouds and stars, still clouds and stars, blue clouds or blue stars. This has become my favourite part of my bedtime routine.

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